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Paid search, the most targeted and powerful advertising medium in history, is also a hyper-competitive, mature market where only the smartest advertisers succeed. Our process includes strategy, continuous optimization, testing, and research, with the ambitious goal of taking campaigns to new heights in both efficiency and scope.

Four Different Ad Angles

  • How-to
  • Story (mutual frustration or Discovery/gain)
  • Straight Sale/CTA
  • The Counter: Myth debunked(relief from pain)

Story Ad Steps

  • Cliffhanger Headline
  • Intro
  • Backstory
  • Discovery/Intro to Offer
  • Benefits/Results
  • CTA

Search Marketing Campaigns that Drive Results

Nearly 90% of all web traffic starts with a search engine, which is why PPC (pay-per-click) advertising is critical in today’s crowded online marketplace. With today’s connected consumer, you’re either there and leading the conversation in your category or you’re being left behind.

We launch highly effective paid search campaigns that create broad awareness within your targeted audience and convert searchers into customers. Using advanced technology, analytics, consumer targeting, and persistent iteration, we make every PPC dollar go farther, helping brands win in the new connected era of marketing.

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