App Development

Creative Problem Solvers

We create custom web applications and new functionality for leading brands.

We have created web apps for Heineken, Sprint, Stryker, OnTarget, CRBAuto and Mechanics Bank to name a few. Our experienced team leverages a wide set of technologies and emerging capabilities like voice, gesture control, location detection, and more.

We create web applications that help our clients break new ground, work more efficiently, transform customer engagement, create smarter digital experiences, and deliver new revenue channels.


API and Systems Integration

LayerCake’s experienced—yet agile—development team can guide you through the selection of available connectors or the production of an ad-hoc platform. We specialize in B2B integration and streamline support for companies that need API connections to multiple partners. Because not every API connection is available off-the-shelf.


Sales Tools

Imaging your sales team has a digital sales deck they could personalize/organize to their own sales style. Then imagine being able to track your team's activity and customer interaction. That's what we created for Sprint's business services team. We've created a variety of tools that help sales teams and sales individuals better represent the product line and serve customers.


LMS (Learning Management System)

E-learning has become an extremely popular way for employees and students to learn new material in the workplace and at school. Our developers drive learner success with features that make e-learning fun and far-reaching. Gamification brings courses alive with 2D and 3D graphics, avatars, quests, badges, certificates and more.


Process tracking - implementation management

Large product rollouts and implementations can be burdensome often times leaving teams feeling lost. Our applications create a digital checklist that enables administrators to assign tasks, process orders, and hierarchies. Our data-driven, assigned responsibility, process checklist applications allow complicated rollouts to be implemented flawlessly.

Calendar, Schedule and Dispatching Application

Managing people, places and things on a schedule is easily managed through our data-driven applications. Track your historic activity and real-time allocations.

Data and File Archive

Similar to the functionality of Google Drive and Dropbox we have developed highly customized permissions-based data and file access systems for private, secure business applications.