App Development

Creative Problem Solvers


API and Systems Integration

LayerCake’s experienced—yet agile—development team can guide you through the selection of available connectors or the production of an ad-hoc platform. We specialize in B2B integration and streamline support for companies that need API connections to multiple partners. Because not every API connection is available off-the-shelf.


Sales Tools

Imaging your sales team has a digital sales deck they could personalize/organize to their own sales style. Then imagine being able to track your team's activity and customer interaction. That's what we created for Sprint's business services team. We've created a variety of tools that help sales teams and sales individuals better represent the product line and serve customers.


LMS (Learning Management System)

E-learning has become an extremely popular way for employees and students to learn new material in the workplace and at school. Our developers drive learner success with features that make e-learning fun and far-reaching. Gamification brings courses alive with 2D and 3D graphics, avatars, quests, badges, certificates and more.


Process tracking - implementation management

Large product rollouts and implementations can be burdensome often times leaving teams feeling lost. Our applications create a digital checklist that enables administrators to assign tasks, process orders, and hierarchies. Our data-driven, assigned responsibility, process checklist applications allow complicated rollouts to be implemented flawlessly.

Calendar, Schedule and Dispatching Application

Managing people, places and things on a schedule is easily managed through our data-driven applications. Track your historic activity and real-time allocations.

Data and File Archive

Similar to the functionality of Google Drive and Dropbox we have developed highly customized permissions-based data and file access systems for private, secure business applications.